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Budapest Massage

The Massage salons are located in the heart of Budapest and offer a wide range of services. Having a massage with one of our highly skilled and experienced advertising masseuses will really work the energy around the body through gentle and subtle techniques which will leave you feeling both totally relaxed and also totally invigorated.
Some masseuses provided an outcall visiting massage service to your hotel or apartment.
Please check their profile or website for more information.

  • Massage 666

    With constant discounts and special offers, we make the world of massage666 more attractive for our kind guests.

  • Massage House

    High-class erotic massage salon with the most beautiful Hungarian masseuses of Budapest.

  • Evelin

    Our most experienced masseuse is highly trained in the art of nuru and tantra massage types.

  • Little Paris Massage

    Enter the world of charm and well being. Our LITTLE PARIS massage salon is located in the heart of Budapest.

  • Flora

    My whole body massage is applied to the guest's needs and physical state - I call it sensual massage.

  • Kriszta

    you are only a few minutes away from arranging a massage in your Apartment or Hotel today.

  • Tekla

    Spend your time with a masseuse who has girlsh charm, catchy voice and a master of tantra massage.

  • Christin

    Christin is an angelic, perfectly shaped, blonde Barbie doll and a professional masseuse.

  • Rita

    Choose Rita if You prefer cute face, blue eyes, sexy, teen figure and you like a professional massage.

  • Budapest Nightlife

    Exclusive clubs, ruin pubs and open air venues which will surely spice up your night out in this amazing city!

  • Strip Clubs

    The top Strips Clubs establishments in Eastern Europe, offering a diverse range of services.

  • Review Provider

    Reviews of the top Providers of Erotic Massage, Nude Sauna Clubs, Strip Clubs, and Escorts!

  • MUK

    Erotic Massage Salons in the UK. London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield...

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    Erotic Masseuses and Massage Salons. Kiev, Prague, Moscow, Warsaw, Bucharest, St. Petersburg...

  • MWE

    Masseuses offering erotic massage in London, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Zurich, Brussels, Dublin...

Sensual massage

It suits to both men and women willing to discover a new dimension of their senses.

It starts with a short round of relaxation massage whose purpose is deconnecting your body and mind from the daily tensions and worries, then, in a state of profound peace and serenity, through intimate contact between your body and the entire body of the masseuse, you will leisurely feel the delights, the refinement the tenderness, charm and sensuality with which you will be enveloped during the entire massage session.

Your senses will be awakened and you will explore in this manner new sensorial dimensions:

  • tactile sensations - through delicate, sensual caresses of your body;
  • auditive sensations - thanks to the ambiental music and the suave whispers of the godess;
  • visual - firstly due to the charming feminine presence which will enchant your senses in the most delicate and most tender way and secondly due to light and color effects;
  • olfactory sensations - due to the volatile natural oils, carefully selected for you which have the role of introducing you through wonderful fragrances in unforgettable heavens.

After such a sensual massage session, you will feel relaxed and peaceful but also amazed and delighted to redescoper how it feels to be connected again to your inner peace and harmony... thanks to the refined exploration of your own sensorial universe.

Erotic Massage

As other massage types offered, this is addressed to both men and women, equally.

As an extra besides the relaxation and sensual massage (which it includes), the erotic massage is proposing you to rediscover the fundamental truths of the erotic/sexual universe.

  • you will understand the eros has been placed by the current civilisation in an undeserved cone of shadow because all sorts of prejudices
  • you will know ancient truths and techniques, known for millenniums in indian and chinese traditions, which although they were revealed to the westerners for decades, only now they are beginning to be understood and applied.
  • you will know about the sexual continence - also known as seminal retention in classical medicine, and how the sexual energy instead of being wasted through ejaculation, it can be used as fuel to feel as a full human being. This preserved sexual energy, amplified, refined and elevated will transform the potentials of your being into individual concrete realisations.

The erotic massage can take you beyond the usual limitations of the humans to the state of above-human, emphasizing the specific manifestion qualities of your higher self.

The 4-hands symphony (double massage)

Known as the massage with 2 masseuses, it can apply to any type of massage described above, its advantages consisting of a more intense dynamisation of the energies and a longer feeling of its effects, over time.

You will train your senses accuracy, detecting precisely between the energetic vibrations of each masseuse, feeling in the end, the combined energy - the sublime result of the game played in three.

The essential role of the pressence of the 2 godesses in the this kind of massage (the 4-hand symphony), is the REPOLARISATION of your being, bringing a new energetic breeze in your physical and psychical structure. You are helped in this way to return the the charm of the starting moments, finding yourselves in serenity, in the wholeness of the happiness which exists in our heart, when LOVE is the bound between 2 souls.

Couples massage

For the interested couples, we have a special alternative - you can benefit of initiation in various forms of massage, knowledge you will then apply outside the salon, any time you will need to be intimate with your beloved, for his/her delight. We are pleased to offer you this oppotunity.

This massage type also contributes to suprisingly rediscovering yourselves, both your, but especially your partner in the most intimate aspects of your soul and reconnect to the fabulous ENERGY of the MAGIC START of each love - in other words - being in love.

This type of massage is handy and allows you to re-awake this special state, any time you need in your couple.

Relaxation massage

No matter your age or gender, the relaxation massage will set free your tensions and bottlenecks both physical and energetic and substantially contributet to the well-being.

The professional relaxation massage you will receive is made along with efficient techniques of reflexotherapy, accupressure, lymphatic draining massage.

To the massage effects, we can add synergically cromotherapy (using various colored lights - based on what you feel is necessary at that moment), sonotherapy (using ambiental sounds that greatly relax, quickly reliefing the stress), aromatherapy and respectively magnetotherapy (the magnets applied on the body help improving and enhancing personal magnetism and remakes the magnetic field, helping healing).

After a massage session (optimum 60 minutes, ideally 90 minutes), the muscular tensions diminish, the blood pressure and lymphatic flow is greatly improved) - allowing you to strongly regenerate and revitalise.

For the stabilisation of the effects we recommend you a minimum of 1 sessions of 90 minutes/week.